perjantai 8. tammikuuta 2016

Hellocon 2015

I am one of the organizers of Hellocon and I have to say the 2015 event was really exhausting for us all. It suddenly grew bigger than we expected and our small theme of volunteered organizers worked so hard to make it all work out. And I guess in the end it did work out!
We had a bigger event than ever before, we had one of the biggest brands Angelic Pretty as our guest of honor, Grimoire, Baroque and many western lolita labels came as vendors and most important of all our visitors seemed to have great time!
Thank you everyone for your hard work and making this event happen! <3

Here are some pictures of our beautiful models wearing the Moonlight Dance-collection at Hellocon 2015! Pictures taken by the wonderful Sanni Siira.

And here is a video of the designers fashion show by Akari Hino! <3

Next hellocon will be held 18th-19th of June 2016! Go check out the guest of honor and other information at the Hellocon website!

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