torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014

Reflector rosette tutorial!

Heippa ja mukavaa Joulun odotusta!

Tein suomalaisen lolita foorumin Enfantterriblen joulukalenteriin pienen tutoriaalin Cloudberry Ladyn heijastin kunniamerkeistä. Vaikka kyseinen tuote löytyy myös meiltä myynnistä halusin antaa myös askartelusta kiinnostuneille mahdollisuuden tehdä itse oman heijastimensa!
Me suomalaiset kyllä aika hyvin muistamme heijastimia käyttää, mutta joskus kaupunkialueen katulamppujen loisteessa tekisi mieli jättää se heijastin kotiin kun eihän se sovi edes asuun. ;) Tällä tutoriaalilla voit tehdä todella loli sopivan heijastimen, joka mätsää täydellisesti omaan talvitakkiisi! Tutoriaali löytyy kalenterin luukusta 8. ja mikäli askartelu ei ole sinun juttusi voit ostaa omasi Storenvystämme

I wanted to share a tutorial for our reflector rosettes!
This kind of reflector rosettes are also available at our Storenvy but we didn't want to keep the instructions for making these a secret! We want to give every lolita an opportunity to make one for themselves!
It's important to wear a reflector during the dark time of the year and we know how annoying it is to try to find one that doesn't completely ruin your outfit. Well this one doesn't, in fact it can make the outfit even better! :)

So lets get started!

Piece of fabric
40cm of reflector ribbon (width: 2cm)
50cm of thin satin ribbon
30cm of lace or other decorative ribbon

4,5cm long safety pin

1 pretty button

You will also need scissors, needle, thread, glue and a sewing machine.

Working instructions:
Ribbon part:

1. Cut a 18 x 6cm square piece from the fabric.
2. Cut two pieces of 10cm from the lace and sew them next to each other on the center of the fabric.
3. Cut a 10cm piece from the reflector ribbon and stitch it on top of the lace.

4. Fold the fabric and cut triangles out of the corners. Iron seam allowances (1cm) of the long sides to the back side of the fabric. 

5.Fold the fabric's back side on top and stitch the head of the ribbon together, leave the sides open!

6. Turn the fabric and make sure that both sides are neatly on top of each other. Put the safety pin trough the top edge and sew the long sides neatly. I like to start next to the safety pin and stitch along the edges.

Preparing the rosette:
1. Cut three 10cm pieces from the reflector ribbon. Cut one of them half vertically.
2. Glue pieces of the satin ribbon on the centers of the wider reflector ribbons.

3. Glue one of the wider ribbons first to circle and then glue it to it self from the center.

4.Glue the other wider ribbon across the first one.
5.Glue the thinner ribbons crossing the wider ones.

6. Sew by hand trough the whole thing, the glue might not be enough to hold it together. If you don't like using glue you can just sew the rosette together. 

7. Gather a 10cm piece of the lace to a circle and sew it on the center of the rosette. 

8. Sew a button on top.

Joining the pieces:
1. Sew the ribbon you made earlier and the rosette together by hand. Sew the rosette from one of the thinner loops. 

2.Put the thin satin ribbon trough the loop and glue it on top of the stitching of the reflector on the ribbon part. Burn the raw edges.

3.Make a little bow from the excess satin ribbon and glue it on the top of the ribbon part.


Sorry about the poor translation! Hope you can manage and don't hesitate to ask if something is unclear!

Are you going to make one? I would love to see your creations! <3

Uusi nettikauppa!


Pahoittelut taas pitkästä tauosta postauksissa, viimeaiakoina on taas ollut liikaa kiirettä.
Käytämme nykyään Tumblr -blogia sekä Facebook-sivuamme uusimpien juttujen jakamiseen. Tännekin kyllä tulee aina silloin tällöin vähän pitempiä juttuja joten emme aivan ole tätä blogiakaan hylkäämässä. :)

Sorry for the long time sine the last pots! For more posts we recommend following our Tumblr or Facebook-page. We will continue to use this blog for some longer posts and picture posts. :)

Verna half-bonnet

Ursula bonnet (sample)

Halusin nyt kertoa uudesta nettikaupastamme!
Kuten monet tietävät tuotteemme olivat aiemmin myynnissä omalla nettisivullamme ja ne täytyi tilata sähköpostin kautta. Halusimme tilaamisen kuitenkin olevan entistä helpompaa, joten päätimme nyt perustaa Cloudberry Ladyn Storenvy kaupan!

Kaupasta voi nyt tilata ostoskoria käyttäen, kunhan ensin kirjautuu sivustolle! Mikäli et syystä tai toisesta halua käyttää kyseistä sivustoa otamme kyllä edelleen vastaan tilauksia vastaan sähköpostin välityksellä. Lähetä vain haluamasi tuotteen nimi, koko, väri sekä osoitteesi sähköpostitse meille osoitteeseen  ja saat vastaukessa tiedon tuotteen varaamisesta sinulle sekä maksuohjeet. Valitettavasti on mahdollista, että joku ostaa haluamasi tuotteen suoraan Storenvyn kautta ennenkuin ehdimme sen sinulle varaamaan. Jos näin käy yritämme mahdollisuuksien mukaan tehdä uuden tuotteen ja ilmoitamme sinulle tilanteesta.

Näkymätön Ninni onepiece dress

Aliisa skirt 

This time I wanted to share new about our new webshop!
Like many of you know we used to sell our items trough our own website and you had to send us e-mail to place your order.
We wanted to make things a little bit easier and decided to start our own Storenvy store!

Once you have registered to Storenvy it's possible to order the products using the shopping cart!
But if you don't wish to use this site we are still happy to accept orders trough e-mail. Simply send e-mail to and tell the product name, size, color and your address. In the reply we will let you know that the product is reserved for you and the payment instructions. Please note that it might happen that someone buys the product trough storenvy before we manage to reserve it for you. If it happens we will try to make a new product if we have materials left and we will message you of the situation righ a way.

Mint reflector rosette

Raspberry reflector rosette
I chose pictures of some of the products we have currently available at our webstore, but do go check it out for many more products!

Kuvissa on esimerkkejä tuotteista joita löytyy tällähetkellä nettikaupastamme, Kaupasta löytyy paljon muutakin joten kannattaa käydä vilkaisemassa! :3

keskiviikko 21. toukokuuta 2014

Cloudberry Lady Sample Sale Dessert Party!


So we held a Cloudberry Lady Sample Sale Dessert Party a few weeks back. Cloudberry Lady is going trough a transformation so we wanted to create this event to clear our stock and also to give our beloved customers a chance to have a lovely afternoon with some tasty desserts. ;)

Here's a picture of the table decorations.

Here are some of the treats and welcoming drinks waiting for the guests to arrive:

Everybody got come yoghurt-icecream, fruitsallad and couple of macaroons. We also had welcoming drinks and coffee or tea served. 
We were really happy to have so many dear customers to attend the event, all the tickets got sold out! The place got a bit jammed with all the frills but hopefully that just helped to create a more cozy atmosphere. ;)

I guess this is from the opening ceremony.

What do you think of our new hangers?

We didn't only have Cloudberry Lady items available. Finnish grafting company Imagine & Do and jewelry maker Kuusade displayed a small selection of their items at the event.
There was some time to do shopping, enjoy the food, a small Cloudberry Lady Quiz and a bingo!
Here are the attendees focusing on their bingo sheets!

Thank you so much for everyone who attended! I hope you all had a great time! <3

PS. here's a nice blogpost Kaichi made of the event: Dailyfuckery

tiistai 8. huhtikuuta 2014

Spring Sample Sale and Dessert Party 4.5.2014!

We are delighted to be able to announce Cloudberry Lady sample sale dessert party!

4th of may is the time for lolitas gather together to celebrate spring with delicious desserts and to do some shopping with discount prices!

The event takes place in Wok'in in Hämeenlinna which is Cloudberry Lady's home town.
Doors will open at 14.30 and the event will last approximately 3 hours so you will have enough time to relax.

At the event you will:

- be able to buy Cloudberry Lady sample pieces with special prices and new un-seen products
- buy jewellery and home decor from the talented Kuusade and sketches from our lovely collaborator Imagine and Do
- get a chance to win wonderful items from Cloudberry Lady, Kuusade and Imagine and do in a bingo
- chat with other lolitas
- and enjoy plenty of delicious desserts


Welcome drink (sparkling wine or freshly squeezed juice)
Tea and coffee
Yoghurt icecream
Fruit sallad

There will be two types of tickets: 
Regular tickets are 15€, they include the menu above with one class of welcome drink.
CL lover tickets are 20€, they include the menu above, extra drink, extra  sheet on the bingo and a special Cloudberry Lady shopping bag.
Tickets can only be bought in advance. Ticket sales opens on monday 14.4.-14. and it will end 24.4.-14 so be fast to get yours!

If you are travelling to Hämeenlinna from some other city, we recommend taking a bus. Wok'in is conveniently located close to the bus station.


Cloudberry Lady ylpeänä esittää:
Keväiset mallikappaleiden poistomyynti- ja herkkukutsut!

Kutsut pidetään Hämeenlinnan Wok'in:ssä 4.5.2014. Ovet tapahtumaan avataan klo: 14.30.
Tapahtumassa voit:

- ostaa Cloudberry Ladyn mallikappaleita erikoishinnoin sekä uutuustuotteita
- ostaa iki-ihanien Kuusateen ja Imagine and Do:n tuotteita
- osallistua bingoon josta voit voittaa upeita palkintoja Cloudberry Ladylta, Imagine and Do:lta ja   Kuusateelta
- tavata muita lolitoja
- ja herkutella ihanilla jälkiruuilla


Tee tai kahvi
Macaron -leivokset

Tervetuliasmalja (Kuohuviiniä tai tuorepuristettua mehua)

Tapahtumaan myydään kahdenlaisia lippuja:
Tavallinen lippu, 15€. Sisältää menun ja yhden tervetuliaisjuoman.
CL lover lippu, 20€. Sisältää menun ja kaksi lasia tervetuliaisjuomaa, extra bingoruudukon ja tapahtuman oman Cloudberry Lady ostoskassin.
Lippuja voi ostaa vain ennakkoon, lipunmyynti avataan maanantaina 14.4.-14 ja päättyy 24.4. joten hanki oma lippusi ripeästi!

Jos saavut tapahtumaan muualta julkisilla kulkuneuvoilla suosittelemme linja-autoa, sillä Wok'in sijaitsee aivan bussiaseman läheisyydessä.


Updated 14.4.2014:

How to buy the tickets:

See above which type of ticket you would like to have.
Send us an e-mail to .
Copy paste this form to your mail when buying the ticket:

Type of ticket:
Alcoholic (you have to be over 18) or non-alcoholic welcoming drink: (If you buy the CL lover ticket you can choose the other drink to be with alcohol and other without if you wish so.)
Food allergies:
Anything else:

If you want to buy multiple tickets repeat the information of each person.

On the reply message you will receive the paying information, the options are banktransfer or paypal.
There is only a very limited number of tickets available!

We will send e-tickets and have a guest list.
In case you are not able to come and want to sell your ticket please inform us beforehand and after the transaction has been made inform the name of the buyer so we can fix the guest list. If it’s too close on the date unfortunately it’s not possible to change the information of allergies etc.

Kuinka ostat lipun:

Valitse haluamasi lipputyyppi.
Lähetä sähköpostiviesti osoitteeseen: .
Kopioi tämä lista viestiisi ja täytä se:

Alkoholillinen (mahdollinen vain yli 18v) vai alkoholiton alkumalja: (jos ostat CL lover lipun voit halutessasi valita toisen juoman holillisena ja toisen holittomana)

Mikäli haluat ostaa kerralla useamman lipun täytä tiedot jokaisesta osallistujasta. 

Vastausviestissä saat maksuohjeet, maksuvaihtoehtoina on tilisiirto tai maksu paypalin kautta.
Lippuja on vain hyvin rajoitettu määrä!

Lähetämme ostajalle e-lipun ja pidämme vieraslistaa.

Mikäli et pääsekään tapahtumaan ja haluat myydä lippusi ota ensin meihin yhteyttä, myytyäsi lipun ilmoita meille ostajan nimi, jotta voimme päivittää vieraslistan. Mikäli lipun omistaja vaihtuu juuri ennen tapahtumaa, emme valitettavasti pysty vastaamaan muuttuneisiin allergioihin.

HelloCon 2014


HelloCon 2014 was held 1st of February and ofcourse we had to participate! :3
I was also part of the organisation team so I can not tell much of the actual convention since I was just running around like crazy the whole day.

At the convention we had a stand and we took part to the designers fashion show.
Here's some pictures of Cloudberry Lady outfits presented at  the show:

Here's the video of the full designers fashion show

The outfits we presented were inspired by reneissance. Knowing Midori Fukasawa would be modelling for us we really wanted to greate something different. Also we didn't want to use a print this time, so I came up with this design. For some of the materials we had to travel to Estonia and making the outfits took a lots of work but I think it was worth the time and effort?

Here's the pictures of the outfits from the photocorner of Hellocon:

perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014



One of new product lines we have added to our selection is shoes.
All of our shoes are handmade in Finland. Emma Tsurumoto is the gifted footwear designer behind our shoes.

photo: Sanni Siira
The project starts with us discussin the new models and Emma finalizing the design. Then she looks for the right shoe lasts, rigth now we have a bit of problem with finding lasts but hopefully we will be able to order some full sets in the future. Next she grafts the patterns, cuts the leathers and sew the pieces together.
We have decided to use real leather on our shoes because it's durability is the best and it shapes to the wearers foot making it more comfortable to use.
photo: Emma Tsurumoto
 The shoes get their final shape from the shoe last.
For the heel we sometimes use leather sometimes ready made heels. The inner and outer of the shoe is almost always leather. As decoration we might use other materials as well.
Photo: Sanni Siira

Photo: Sanni Siira

photo: Sanni Siira

photo: Sanni Siira

photo: Emma Tsurumoto
We only make the sample pieces of each shoe model (except for the bow -shoes). Cloudberry Lady shoes are made to order. The sample pieces are made to showcase the design of the shoes or sometimes to be used in fashion shows. Eventually we will also sell the sample pieces of each model but they are always some random sizes. But really the point is that you can get any model in your own size and color of your own choise. (Well atleast as long we can find the last and leather to be used for your shoes.)