tiistai 8. huhtikuuta 2014

HelloCon 2014


HelloCon 2014 was held 1st of February and ofcourse we had to participate! :3
I was also part of the organisation team so I can not tell much of the actual convention since I was just running around like crazy the whole day.

At the convention we had a stand and we took part to the designers fashion show.
Here's some pictures of Cloudberry Lady outfits presented at  the show:

Here's the video of the full designers fashion show

The outfits we presented were inspired by reneissance. Knowing Midori Fukasawa would be modelling for us we really wanted to greate something different. Also we didn't want to use a print this time, so I came up with this design. For some of the materials we had to travel to Estonia and making the outfits took a lots of work but I think it was worth the time and effort?

Here's the pictures of the outfits from the photocorner of Hellocon:

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