maanantai 5. marraskuuta 2012

Lolita convention 2012 part II

 The fashion show

Last summer we went to the lolita convention in Paris! First we were just planning to take a selling stand but the organizers asked if Cloudberry Lady could participate to the fashion show too.. ;)
Here's finally some pictures and the video of the show.

First there's the amazing pics by Kokoro Picto

And because you surely want some more there's the pictures a friend was kind enough to take. :)

Jell-o-fish skirt in lavender with pink dinogarden  bag

Jell-o-fish dress and tote bag in black x blue
Sleeping rose-skirt in black. Bonnet by the lovely  Iira
Sleeping rose-dress in white x brown

Laululintu-dress in brown, bonnet is a sample.

Special dress made for the show.

And here's the video, our part starts around 13:50 but if you have time watch the whole video; there's some amazing indie brands for you to find!

Huge thanks to the organizers and models, it was a great event! <3