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Cloudberry Lady Sample Sale Dessert Party!


So we held a Cloudberry Lady Sample Sale Dessert Party a few weeks back. Cloudberry Lady is going trough a transformation so we wanted to create this event to clear our stock and also to give our beloved customers a chance to have a lovely afternoon with some tasty desserts. ;)

Here's a picture of the table decorations.

Here are some of the treats and welcoming drinks waiting for the guests to arrive:

Everybody got come yoghurt-icecream, fruitsallad and couple of macaroons. We also had welcoming drinks and coffee or tea served. 
We were really happy to have so many dear customers to attend the event, all the tickets got sold out! The place got a bit jammed with all the frills but hopefully that just helped to create a more cozy atmosphere. ;)

I guess this is from the opening ceremony.

What do you think of our new hangers?

We didn't only have Cloudberry Lady items available. Finnish grafting company Imagine & Do and jewelry maker Kuusade displayed a small selection of their items at the event.
There was some time to do shopping, enjoy the food, a small Cloudberry Lady Quiz and a bingo!
Here are the attendees focusing on their bingo sheets!

Thank you so much for everyone who attended! I hope you all had a great time! <3

PS. here's a nice blogpost Kaichi made of the event: Dailyfuckery

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