torstai 12. maaliskuuta 2015

La vie en Rose

Few weeks a go we attended one of the biggest lolita events in Europe; La vie en Rose by Street Fashion Europe and French Cafe!

We were happy to have a selling booth and showcase our new collection at the designers fashion show. The whole event was just amazing! The venue was super gorgeous hotel du Collectionneur, there was many Japanese special guests and the visitors themselves had put so much effort in their outfits! With so many unique outfits, this event was definitely the place to catch the most recent and upcoming lolita trends!
For me the best part was to see my wonderful lolita friends from different countries and meet other lolita creators and to make new friends! <3

I somehow managed to forget my camera to our apartment, but luckily other people took photos and gave permission to use them. :)

Here are the fashion show outfits!

Our new collection Moonlight Dance was first presented at Lver!

A special dress style for the fashion show

Our final look was this rococo inspired set.
Thank you so much for the wonderful photos Emily Faulder Photos

And here's a video of the full designers fashion show by Akari Hino:

Our gorgeous models posing for a croup picture! <3

Detail shot from our selling stall!

My outfit! :3 I wore the new Moonlight Dance print jsk! <3

Don't forget to place your order for the Moonlight Dance collection, the reservation period ends this Sunday!

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