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Rufflecon 2015

In October 2015 was my first trip to America and I got to be a guest in an amazing alternative fashion event Rufflecon!
The event was great and I enjoyed my stay so much! The organisation stuff was so wonderful and my fairy gothmother took very good care of me during the event! <3

The event concept is a little bit different from European ones as it is three days event and the program lasts till midnight. Everyone stays in the same hotel so it's basically just one big lolita party everywhere! :D I met so many fantastic lolitas there and many many new friends! I hope to meet you all again sometime! <3
If you get a chance I definitely recommend going to Rufflecon and I would absolutely love to go there again myself!

For the fashion show I had a very clear vision in my head and rather than making the focus on individual looks I concentrated on creating the correct atmosphere. I got inspired by Finnish nature, by the dark forests and cold winter nights, and shamanism.

Here's the pics of the fashion show looks by Xin lolita photography  and Kyoplay, thank you guys! <3 Our models were just fantastic and they did a great job portraying the characters! I was also really impressed by the work of the make up artists, they really helped alot creating the looks! Thank you everyone! <3

For music I chose Ulla Pirttijärvi's beautiful joik Jaerrat Biekkas, it set the atmosphere perfectly!

Lastly couple of my own outfits! First one is from the fashion show day and second is from the first day of the event.

Nate Buchman Photography
Xin Lolita Photography

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