lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2016


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Fashion show pics, this is from Rufflecon fashion show backstage

new products

process pics!

and my face! :P

perjantai 4. maaliskuuta 2016

Hellocon is back!


Many of you have probably heard of Hellocon aka Helsinki lolita convention, which is an annual lolita event held here in Finland! The event is one of the largest events dedicated solely on lolita fashion!

I have been part of the organisation team of Hellocon since the very first event four years ago, each year with more responsibilities and this year I am going to be head organizer to help out our other head organizer Jenni! Hellocon has crown enormously since the first event and I am truly amazed how far we have gotten since the first event! Hellocon has physically become so big we actually had to get a new venue for this year!!

Hellocon is the to go to event for Finnish lolitas as well as lolitas from our neighboring countries! It is also the best place for new comers to learn about the fashion and of course buy clothing.  For me the reason why I am part of Hellocon is same why I originally founded Cloudberry Lady; to help the growth of lolita fashion and the community. I dare say Hellocon plays a huge role in bringing our community together! The whole organisation of Hellocon is a huge community effort from the organization team, volunteers and of course the fabulous people hosting program at Hellocon!
I am super excited with this years event with the amazing program we have prepared and of course our guest of honor that is a legend in lolita fashion: Baby the stars shine bright!

Have you guys been to Hellocon and are you planning to attend this year?
Get your tickets now: !
Hellocon 2016 facebook event

Ja vielä suomeksi!
Hellocon eli Helsinki lolita convention tulee taas! Näin kun työn puolesta olen käynyt melkein kaikki isoimmat lolita tapahtumat läpi niin voin sanoa että Hellocon on yksi maailman suurimmista (ja parhaista :D ) lolita spesifeistä tapahtumista! Ja se on täällä Suomessa!

Eli nyt kaikki kipinkopin liput ostamaan ettei mene tämä upea lolita tapahtuma sivu suun! Täältä löytyy ohjelmaa niin pidempään harrastaneille kuin jo vasta tyylin löytäneillekin, loistava tilaisuus myös tulla shoppailemaan se ihan eka lolita asu ja tutustumaan tyyliin tarkemmin! ;) Tämän vuoden kunniavieraana on lolita muodin legenda, aito ja alkuperäinen Baby the stars shine bright!

Näin upeaa tapahtumaa ei kannata jättää väliin joten osta lippusi heti täältä:

Nähdään Helloconissa! <3

lauantai 9. tammikuuta 2016

Frillfest 2015

We attended Frillfest in Gothenburg Sweden. It was my first to visit Gothenburg and I actually really liked the city, it may have been at is best since it was because summer time but non the less it was great weekend. 

For the fashion show we had three looks and the models we got portrayed the looks wonderfully! Thank you for modelling for us!

Photo by: Robert Johannesson Photography
Photo by: Robert Johannesson Photography
Photo by: Robert Johannesson Photography

perjantai 8. tammikuuta 2016

Rufflecon 2015

In October 2015 was my first trip to America and I got to be a guest in an amazing alternative fashion event Rufflecon!
The event was great and I enjoyed my stay so much! The organisation stuff was so wonderful and my fairy gothmother took very good care of me during the event! <3

The event concept is a little bit different from European ones as it is three days event and the program lasts till midnight. Everyone stays in the same hotel so it's basically just one big lolita party everywhere! :D I met so many fantastic lolitas there and many many new friends! I hope to meet you all again sometime! <3
If you get a chance I definitely recommend going to Rufflecon and I would absolutely love to go there again myself!

For the fashion show I had a very clear vision in my head and rather than making the focus on individual looks I concentrated on creating the correct atmosphere. I got inspired by Finnish nature, by the dark forests and cold winter nights, and shamanism.

Here's the pics of the fashion show looks by Xin lolita photography  and Kyoplay, thank you guys! <3 Our models were just fantastic and they did a great job portraying the characters! I was also really impressed by the work of the make up artists, they really helped alot creating the looks! Thank you everyone! <3

For music I chose Ulla Pirttijärvi's beautiful joik Jaerrat Biekkas, it set the atmosphere perfectly!

Lastly couple of my own outfits! First one is from the fashion show day and second is from the first day of the event.

Nate Buchman Photography
Xin Lolita Photography

Hellocon 2015

I am one of the organizers of Hellocon and I have to say the 2015 event was really exhausting for us all. It suddenly grew bigger than we expected and our small theme of volunteered organizers worked so hard to make it all work out. And I guess in the end it did work out!
We had a bigger event than ever before, we had one of the biggest brands Angelic Pretty as our guest of honor, Grimoire, Baroque and many western lolita labels came as vendors and most important of all our visitors seemed to have great time!
Thank you everyone for your hard work and making this event happen! <3

Here are some pictures of our beautiful models wearing the Moonlight Dance-collection at Hellocon 2015! Pictures taken by the wonderful Sanni Siira.

And here is a video of the designers fashion show by Akari Hino! <3

Next hellocon will be held 18th-19th of June 2016! Go check out the guest of honor and other information at the Hellocon website!

torstai 12. maaliskuuta 2015

La vie en Rose

Few weeks a go we attended one of the biggest lolita events in Europe; La vie en Rose by Street Fashion Europe and French Cafe!

We were happy to have a selling booth and showcase our new collection at the designers fashion show. The whole event was just amazing! The venue was super gorgeous hotel du Collectionneur, there was many Japanese special guests and the visitors themselves had put so much effort in their outfits! With so many unique outfits, this event was definitely the place to catch the most recent and upcoming lolita trends!
For me the best part was to see my wonderful lolita friends from different countries and meet other lolita creators and to make new friends! <3

I somehow managed to forget my camera to our apartment, but luckily other people took photos and gave permission to use them. :)

Here are the fashion show outfits!

Our new collection Moonlight Dance was first presented at Lver!

A special dress style for the fashion show

Our final look was this rococo inspired set.
Thank you so much for the wonderful photos Emily Faulder Photos

And here's a video of the full designers fashion show by Akari Hino:

Our gorgeous models posing for a croup picture! <3

Detail shot from our selling stall!

My outfit! :3 I wore the new Moonlight Dance print jsk! <3

Don't forget to place your order for the Moonlight Dance collection, the reservation period ends this Sunday!

lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2015

Les Filles Frou Frou

European lolita designers and creators Pop-up Shop

Astonishing team of lolita and street fashion designers, creators and artists have joined their forces to open Les Filler Frou Frou pop-up shop in Paris! From this shop you can find most astonishing lolita garments, head wear, footwear accessories, jewelry and art!

 This wonderland of lolita fashion is open for two weeks from 24th of February to 17th of March and it is open from 14.00 to 20.00 from Tuesday to Sunday.

From Les Filles Frou Frou you can find the following brands and artists:

Ergi by Piratessan, created by Eva Dejmo in 2006, is a Swedish fashion brand mainly focusing on creating their version of Japanese Lolita Fashion. Major sources of inspiration for Eva are historical clothes but she also loves the quirky and fun.
The full Ergi by Piratessan assortment can be found at:



Li-Paro is a small clothing brand from Germany and was founded 2013, when the owner decided to work together with an illustrator from Germany. They are working as a duo on a main label Li-Paro and sub-label  Rumour&Whisper, which has a gothic and V/Kei influence.
Their main inspiration for Li-Paro is lolita fashion, from casual to classic. Currently they are working on one of a kind items, but they also create original prints and tights designs. Li-Paro also makes jewelry out of real flowers, like roses and daisies.
Rumour&Whisper facebook :


Medusa Couture is a small Indie brand from Switzerland. We sell Lolita dresses and accessories and are also very happy to offer custom work. Every garment is handmade with love and produced as one of a kind or in a very small edition, so our customers can purchase a unique piece to express their personal style. In spring 2015 we will also launch a collection with the first print of our own!


Shinkurose is a UK based clothing label established in 2012.  We were trained in costume and bridal and bring this background to our ready to wear and bespoke garments and hats.


Sirkku Tuomela is a Finnish digital artist, who loves colors and androgynous character subjects, mixing sweet and dark moods in her paintings. She has worked as an illustrator, game concept artist and comic book artist since 1999. You can find her stunning original artwork, prints and jewelry from this pop-up shop.



Cloudberry Lady is a Finnish lolita fashion brand founded in 2009 by the fashion designer and milliner Tuulia Lautamaja. Cloudberry Lady has become famous for their quality garments, custom-made leather shoes, the Renaissance inspired dress worn by Midori Fukasawa, and for their hats and bonnets which are also available at ATELIER PIERROT.
From Les Filles Frou Frou you can find a selection of their garments, headwear and footwear along with their brand new collection Midnight Dance which is open for reservations! The collection features amazing new print created by the talented illustrator Minna Ainoa of Imagine and Do, who is also behind Cloudberry Ladys’ popular Adella, Arista and Aquata series. At the shop you have the opportunity to see the new collection in person and try on the sample pieces!
Photo by Sanni Siira
Photo by Sanni Siira

We had a wonderful opening party with a lots of girls coming by! Thank you so much everyone! <3

Here's a lovely blog post about the pop-up shop (only in French)

 The shop is open for couple more days so better hurry to see our amazing pop-up shop!