sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2015

Next event!

If you have been wondering if we are attending any events this year the answer is yes! Planning to participate many events this year and the first of them will be the amazing Street Fashion Europe event La vie en Rose in Paris!

The event is just few months away and I'm super busy with all the preparations! We will be bringing a lots of new  head wear, clothing and accessories with us and I hope you all are looking forward to meet us there! 
I'm also really excited with the looks we are preparing for the fashion show! It will be something really different! <3

The event itself sounds super awesome with all the amazing guests:

 Masumi Kanoh (Btssb), 

KAIE & BABI (Triple Fortune), 

Hitomi Nomura (Grimoire),

 Ayumi Watanabe (Syrup.) and

 GLB staff!
I can't wait to be able to meet all these amazing people and all of my friends in Paris! 

Tickets -get them before it's too late! :D 
This is an amazing opportunity for all japanese street fashion lovers to meet your idols!

Hei hei! See you in Paris! <3

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