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Long lost but not forgotten.


Uups, it has taken forever since the last blogpost! We have started to blog more on our tumblr blog but we'll keep this blog anyway. Hopefully from now on there will be more detailed posts in this blog so you will get to know what's happening with Cloudberry Lady. If you want to get updated fast the best way is to like us on fb.

So last time I wrote of our collaboration with Imagine and Do andI'm pretty sure most of you have already seen the results but here's few pics anyway because they are so lovely. Thanks to Sanni for taking the photos!

The collection Adella, Arista and Aquata consists of two dresses and two skirts, it's already nearly sold out, probably enough fabric for one more dress. The print was designed by Minna Ainoa, the talented designer behind Imagine and Do for Cloudberry Lady. Since the print is so gorgeus and it was so popular we have already been thinking of re-release. What do you think?
The hats and shoes on the pics are also ours! I'm very broud of these new product lines we have been able to introduce this past year.
First time we presented this collection at the Frock On! event in London.
Pics by Myrsky:

Cloudberry Lady took part to the fashion show at the event and we were very lucky to get such a sweet models. Emma made the shoes to match the outfits so for the first time we really had the head to toe coordinations with Cloudberry Lady items (well the stockings were models own).
The event was quite a fun and it was nice to have a trip to London! ^^ We have been a bit out of the international eye but now we have started to take steps to be part of the international lolita scene. I was a bit nervous to participate such a big event in such a big city (I come from a town with no public transportation! ^^'), but everyone were really sweet and I made a lots of new friends. I was also happy to meet some of the ladies we met last time in Paris and I was happy to hear they still remembered us. <3
 Since the event was so much fun we decided to take part to the Enchanted event which is just behind the corner now! Hopefully we'll meet some of you there!
Seems like we have been travelling a lot lately, since we also participated the Innocent World teaparty in Vienna! We were so lucky to get a stand at this event since when I firts heard of it all the stand were already reserved. Luckily for someone cancelled and we got the stand. :)
I have been in Vienna once before and this time I planned to make the trip to be also a small holiday. My youngest sister was very eager to join me which was nice since I don't get time to hang out with her because of the distance.
The event was nicely organised and I was really pleased with how everything went.
It has been a long time since I last visited Vienna, that time I was starting out as lolita, so it was great to refresh memories and to meet lots of lolitas! And I got change to hang out with some of the sweet girls I met in London. :D
Our stand was pretty crowded.^^'

Thanks for the photos goes to Michaela!

There's so many things to write about and lately I have been extremely busy! Cloudberry Lady was one of the main sponcors of HelloCon and I was part of the organisation team so that's one of the things that has been taking some of the time this past year. I will write a post of it soon but still waiting for more pictures of our lovely fashion show models. ;)
I was certain there would be more time after the convention was over but on the contrary there's just more work than ever, definitely not a bad thing but I hope I can find some time to write here. There's some really exiting news coming up soon if everything goes well! Keep your thumbs up for us!^^


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