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Cons of last summer

Finally something about the conventions we attended last summer. The autumn was so busy with Cloudberry teaparty and everything that haven't had time to make this post before.

The first con was Desucon and we shared a table there with an amazing young textile designer; her company is called Q for kingdom. Desucon last for two days, we could have gone to set the table up on friday, but decided there's no need and so we hurried to Lahti early saturday morning. The stand proved out to be very small, it was extremely difficult to manage to display everything.  Somehow we managed to put everything together before the doors opened, but now we know that we just have to get more stands to showcase our stuff better.

Desucon is one of the largest anime-conventions in Finland, so it was really crowded at the selling section. We managed to spot many lovely cosplayers, but unfortunately there weren't so many lolitas. Someone said she had spotted only 12 lolitas on the 2 days the convention lasted. Eventhough lolitas were rare in this event lots of people expressed their interests towards both of us sharing the table, they were happy about the fact there are still people who produce their stuff in Finland instead of buying copies from China.

One comment made me extremely happy; one cosplaying girl commented this: "There's been two times when I've wanted to wear lolita, the second time was when Cloudberry Lady released the submarine dress." <3 Kiitos!

Marshmallows for customers

Next one was Nekocon, small con that is held in Kuopio.

Kuopio is quite far a way from Hämeenlinna where we are located so had a long drive to get there. We had to go there day early and "unfortunately" only reasonably priced hotel available was a we had a nice relaxation time before the con started! :P

Nekocon proved to be even smaller than we expected it to be, but the atmosphere was nice and even though there were only few lolitas it felt like it  was worth attending.

Setting up the stand, this time we gave out lollipops to our customers.^^

A weary seller after a really long and extremely hot day! 

Third con was Animecon in Turku, again we shared a stand with Q for Kingdom but this time we were smarter and booked a whole lot bigger one, but because we wanted the bigger one we had to go to the Finncon section which wasn't really that good for our products. However people found us quite well and looked for us to come and say hello, it was so nice so many of you came!^^

Cyber meets steam!

Last one was Tracon, but there we weren't allowed to sell clothes at the art section so we were just selling teaparty tickets and some art works. So many found us anyway and sat there to chat with us for a long time, so thank you guys a lot for making a really nice con!:3
One cool cosplay and a cute lolita girl

 Cloudberry Teapaty ticekts and some fan art on the backround

Thank you all for visiting our stands this summer, it was wonderful to meet you! <3
Hopefully we'll see you guys again! :)

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